Australian coal mining industry grows from demand rising in South-Asian countries

Energy - Mohit Shah - Sep 21,2017

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australian coal mining industry grows from demand rising in south asian countries

Australia is tagged as one of the major exporters of coal across the globe; it is an active exporter to various South-Asian countries which are currently undergoing strong industrialization.

Coal benefits the Australian population through its input to exports, jobs, wages, investment, along with tax and royalties. Further, this resource is viewed as an advantage together with iron ore, which has enabled Australians to withstand the longest period of uninterrupted economic growth in the nation’s history.

Apart from encouraging the national income, Australian coal offers reliable and affordable electricity to Australian households and businesses. The availability of low cost, reliable energy has acted as a critical element of the international effectiveness of Australian industry and living standards of households for several decades. The primary coal deposits are mainly located in parts of New South Wales (NSW), South Australia, Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia. 

At present, Australia is also listed among the major exporters of coal in the world. A significant share of the exported quantity which is mined in the country is delivered to different various South-Asian regions that are undergoing robust industrialization. According to research reports and active statistics, China and Japan continue to be the two most valuable importers of coal brought from Australia.

It is analyzed that, the regulatory structure in the Australian mining industry has been improvised with upcoming mining projects brought into action. Further, the overall coal production in the country registered a nominal growth during the previous year. A detailed evaluation of the mining business is also available which points recovering drive across the state of Queensland, which was paused due to various geological and environmental disruptions in 2016.


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