Market for menswear assisted by positive adoption towards fashion

Market - Mohit Shah - Jul 06,2017

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market for menswear assisted by positive adoption towards fashion

As per research findings, the menswear market is presently growing faster as compared to the womenswear sector, indicating a major shift within the fashion industry. 

It has been noted that menswear has been rapidly evolving and developing over the last couple of decades. As a recent research published by Market Research Hub (MRH), men belonging to the 20-35 years age group, are spotted to be more inclined to the latest fashion trends, and hence form an active group for manufacturers and marketers alike.

Currently, the global menswear market manages an attractive array of different categories such as activewear, outerwear, casual wear, formalwear, and essentials. Also, there are retail stores which used to cater to women's fashion in the past, but are now struggling to match up with the newly occurred demand from menswear.

Furthermore, the market driver for the global demand for menswear is centered at one prime source, namely online shopping. This rising trend for online shopping is surely benefiting the menswear sector. It allows many vanity-conscious males to stay well aware about the running fashion and trendy styles. Also, since male shoppers are opposed to frequently visit malls or stores, e-commerce comes as a boon for such customers. Considering the market conditions for menswear, the key players are dominating the global market with the offering of a wide range of product lines as well as globally top-ranked fashion brands.

The market is loaded with different kind of menswear products, such as men's ensembles, men's suits; men's shirts, men's blazers and jackets; men's underpants; men's overcoats; men's nightwear; men's swimwear; men's shorts & trousers etc. The market for these goods is high in numerous countries including the United States, China, France, Denmark, Greece, Germany, Brazil, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Thailand etc.

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