Shaft packing industry acquiring high demand from the marine sector

Market - Mohit Shah - Jun 29,2017

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shaft packing industry acquiring high demand from the marine sector

As per latest study findings, with the growing demand coming from the marine sector, the worldwide market for shaft packing is anticipated to grow in the next few years. 

At present, various consumers involved in the boating sector does require the need for shaft packing. Shaft packing is a helpful source which works to eliminate water leaking into the stuffing box. Nowadays, several new and effective shaft packings have changed conventional flax, which is indeed driving the demand for its worldwide market.

As per a recent research report published by Market Research Hub (MRH), shaft packing is widely used in the marine sector, which is indeed helping its market flourish significantly. The current market for shaft packing includes different product types. Some of the well-known versions include; TU shaft packing with W.L. Gore fibers, Natural flax shaft packing saturated with Teflon-PTFE flax, Tefpack shaft packing with Synthetic Yarn and Natural flax shaft packing with wax and animal fat.

All the different types of shaft packing have their own importance primarily in the marine industry. Among the different product versions, Teflon flax shaft packing is known to be the most widely used shaft packing aiding the marine sector.

Considering the geographical aspect, the market for shaft packing is quite active in the regions comprising Europe, Asia-Pacific, and North America. Among these, the major countries linked to this market are Japan, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom China and South Korea. It has been recorded that, the operational companies/players in the shaft packing industry are working towards development trends in order to enhance the overall growth of the sector. Furthermore, there are certain hindrances for the industry which are also targeted by the leading players.


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