Scrap rubber industry blooming due to environmental concerns

Market - Mohit Shah - Jun 27,2017

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scrap rubber industry blooming due to environmental concerns

In the recent years, the market for has worked to play an important role in strengthening the economy as well as protecting the environment.

Each year, close to 100 million tires are processed by the recycling industry. Also, tire recyclers have invested more than millions of dollars in equipment and technologies to recycle tires, which is working effectively to safeguard the environment.

Today, scrap tires and rubbers are playing a crucial role as an important part of the manufacturing process. It is necessary to know, scrap tire rubber is a much-needed material used in the manufacture of new tires, equestrian mats, playground surfaces and rubberized asphalt among other products.

According to a report published by Market Research Hub (MRH), it has been highlighted that scrap tires provide a cleaner, economical fuel alternative to coal in paper &pulp mills, cement kilns and electric utility boilers.

The market for scrap rubber is further enhancing due to its rising applications. The various uses of scrap rubber like rubberized asphalt are getting recognized for their preferable properties, eventually gaining prominence as well as widespread use. Interestingly, several cutting-edge constructors are amalgamating scrap tires with materials like scrap plastic to produce, flower pots, roofing tiles, and auto parts. Such utilities are supporting recycling in a wonderful manner.

The contributions are immense which obtain value from all the components in the scrap tires. Also, the process displays beneficial results and creates an attractive rate of return on investment while solving the problem of waste tire disposal. Presently, the market for scrap rubber is quite active in regions such as Asia-Pacific, North-America, and Europe. Among these, countries like Germany, United Kingdom, United States, Japan, South Korea and China, are viewed as the top contributors.


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