Inclination towards hygiene drives the market for intelligent toilet covers

Market - Mohit Shah - Jun 30,2017

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inclination towards hygiene drives the market for intelligent toilet covers

Intelligent toilet cover makes it convenient to move towards a more hygienic and comfortable toilet experience for all the members at home and at workplace.

Ordinary toilet with only a simple flushing sewage function cannot entirely remove the bacteria present on the cushion, as well as urine stains, hair and other residues. However, with the availability of smart toilet cover, the user gains access to hip cleaning and female cleaning, along with strong deodorant function, warm air drying function etc.

According to a recent report published by Market Research Hub (MRH), the demand for intelligent toilet covers is growing at the global scale at a steady pace owing to the need as well as awareness towards clean and hygienic toilet conditions. Moreover, intelligent toilet cover offer more comfort and convenience due to its supreme functionalities. These smart toilet covers offer pure water pressure for cleansing, which is quite impressive. Also, they consume less energy as compared to other traditional electric bidets. To add more to this equipment, intelligent toilet cover consists of a lever control dial using which the water pressure and temperature can be easily adjusted.

It has been analyzed that, improving the living quality, relieve from hemorrhoids, disease prevention, as well as reduction of soreness associated with diarrhea; are marked as the various beneficial aspects of an intelligent toilet cover. Further, the other basic utilities of the intelligent toilet include posterior, turbo and oscillating wash.

Looking at the current market status, the demand for intelligent toilet covers is quite high in Asia, Europe, and North-America. In the coming years, it is expected that the market would spread across more regions with the rising conscience towards healthy living.

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