Game-based learning acquiring pace at the global level

Technology - Mohit Shah - Jun 05,2017

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game based learning acquiring pace at the global level

In recent years, language practitioners and researchers and have shifted their concern from evolving individual linguistic skills to the application of language to achieve the speaker's objectives. 

Game-based learning is an area of education which has been getting a lot of attention since the past few years. According to a research report published by Market Research Hub (MRH), the growing number of language learners and advancement in technology are spotted to be the major factors behind the global demand for language learning games.  

Various language learning games are useful to both kids and adults. The utilization of games can be a powerful language learning tool since these games are designed to help students with simple pronunciations, vocabulary, verb conjugations and spelling. Moreover, these games offer students a relaxing and fun-filled learning atmosphere, which is needed for grasping knowledge at the earliest.

With the availability of a wide variety of language learning games in the EFL or ESL classroom, teachers are able to promote a number of qualities that positively contribute to improved language acquisition. These games not only work to enhance the focus on the students but work to channelize their growth in a positive direction.

Presently, the market for language learning games is occupied by games which offer single language choice and multiple language choices. The expanse of the market is spread across several global regions such as the United State, EU, Japan, China, India and Southeast Asia.

The major players from the language learning games market worldwide include several popular names. Some of the prominent manufacturers are Rosetta Stone Ltd., Innovative Language Learning USA, LLC, Duolingo, Duy Hong Studio, IXL Learning, Knowledge Adventure, SignSchool Technologies LLC, Smooth HQ, DOMOsoft, GoKids!, Emilia Genadieva, boriol, SMARTSTUDY, Sovereign Communication Solutions, LLC, Geek Apps, Alpha Edu, Jehovah's Witnesses and Mr. YDM.


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