Demand for minimally invasive surgeries support the video laparoscopes market

Medical - Mohit Shah - Jun 15,2017

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demand for minimally invasive surgeries support the video laparoscopes market

As per analysts, the market for video laparoscopes on the global scenario is forecasted to acquire CAGR growth of 4.80%; the market value is expected to reach $1,197.8M by 2023.

Laparoscopy is done with a particular instrument called a laparoscope which is actually a small telescope with a light and camera at its specific end. Moreover, a video camera is also attached to the telescopic rod lens whereas the charged couple device is fitted at the end of a digital laparoscope. Video laparoscopes are useful to doctors for viewing various parts of the human body, with the video easily available on the monitor.

As per a recent report published by Market Research Hub (MRH), the market for video laparoscopes is forecasted to grow at the global level from the valuation of $860.3M in 2016 to reach a value of $1,197.8M by 2023. This indicates the video laparoscopes sector would acquire a CAGR of 4.80% until 2023. The video laparoscopes market is associated with the presence of major multinational companies which include names like B. Braun, Karl Storz, Olympus, Stryker and Richard Wolf.

In the current day scenario, laparoscopic interventions are preferred over open surgeries, which directly points out that the use of video laparoscopes will expand in the near future, thereby leading to the advanced adoption rate of these instruments. The two popular or efficient versions of this equipment include rigid tip video laparoscopes and flexible tip video laparoscopes. 

Considering the geographical expanse of the video laparoscopes market, it has been analyzed that the APAC market region is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.7% until 2023. However, it has been noted that high acquisition costs linked with video laparoscopes are viewed as a barrier to the development of this market.


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