Smart mirror applications spread to advertising and healthcare

Market - Mohit Shah - May 11,2017

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smart mirror applications spread to advertising and healthcare

The need for smart mirrors in the automotive sector has led to active growth for its market; the presence of embedded electronics makes smart mirrors more popular.

Highly functional mirrors can be tagged as smart mirrors, which are successfully being used in the automotive industry. Smart mirror technologies comprise of self-dimming capability, along with other features such as self-cleaning and self-repairing ability. 

According to an intelligent report available on Market Research Reports Search Engine (MRRSE), the demand for smart mirrors has enhanced due to the rising focus on improved road safety drives. Also, with the incorporation of new electronic functionalities to the automotive mirrors, this market is expected to cross new milestones in the near future.  

The implementation of activated light sensors, and electrochromic self-dimming smart mirrors have surely improved road safety by increasing response times along with reducing driver fatigue. Digital smart mirrors are considerably gaining momentum due to various factors like comfort/convenience and design/style. Moreover, the growing investment in R&D activities on smart mirrors as well as new technology penetration are also listed among the major factors boosting the smart mirror market on a global canvas.

Smart mirrors are effectively being utilized in applications such as advertising, healthcare, consumer and others. For instance, in January 2011, Clear Channel Airports (CCA) along with Mirrus Corporation formed a collaboration on a pilot program of deploying 150 smart mirrors consisting of advertising displays in all restrooms at the Chicago O\'Hare airport. 

Presently, the industrious geographical sections which manage active markets for smart mirrors include North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific along with Middle East and Africa. Out of these, the profitable countries are found to be Germany, the United States, Mexico, Brazil, China, and India.

Some prominent top players from the smart mirror market are Gentex Corporation, ACEP France SA, Magna International Inc., Panasonic Corporation, Samsung Electronics, Seura Solutions, Dension, S.L., Keonn Technologies and Mirrus Corporation.


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