Global frozen bakery market growth assisted with rise of coffee shop chains

Market - Mohit Shah - May 03,2017

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global frozen bakery market growth assisted with rise of coffee shop chains

The global frozen bakery market is expected to showcase an extensive rise with a single digit CAGR growth over the period between 2013 –2019, with Europe tagged as the largest market.

For preserving food products, freezing is a process which is seen as a smart technique. It ensures that the food item is secured from the time it is prepaid to the time it is eaten. Hence, the variety of frozen bakery products has been quite popular lately. One of the prime reasons is that microorganisms cannot develop when the temperature falls below -9.5 °C. Carboxy methyl cellulose (CMC) is successfully used as a stabilizer in bakery products as it helps to retain the quality of food.

As per the recent market research report available on Market Research Reports Search Engine (MRRSE), the global frozen bakery market would be experiencing a prominent growth rate with a single digit CAGR until 2019. This is a positive news for the sector which is presently driven by several factors such as, the development of retail channels, greater safety, and taste consistency, along with convenience provided by frozen bakery products. It is also noticed that coffee shop chains which sell frozen bakery products has increased in the past few years, and this is surely seen as a primary market driver.

The popular product type from the frozen bakery market includes frozen pastry, frozen cake, frozen bread, frozen pizza crust and others. Moreover, the distribution channel for this sector is effectively spread out into different segments including artisan bakers, catering and industrial, retail and others.

The prominent regions where the frozen bakery market is highly active covers North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest of the World. It is interesting to know that, Europe is viewed as the largest market division for frozen bakery products, with North America grabbing the second spot. These regional markets are projected to expand further due to the rising demand for processed food as well as the busy lifestyle of people which pushes them to opt for frozen food items. The key players operating in this market are Maple Leaf Foods Inc., Kellogg Company, Cole's Quality Foods Inc., Cargill Incorporated, Warburtons Bakery and General Mills Inc.


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