Vodafone plans to create 2,100 customer service jobs in the UK

Company - Mohit Shah - Mar 14,2017

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vodafone plans to create 2100 customer service jobs in the uk

Telecom operator Vodafone has announced its fresh plan to create 2,100 customer service jobs in the United Kingdom over the next two years.

The mobile phone giant, Vodafone, is set to expand its customer service centres which would include 800 new posts in Manchester, more than 150 in Stoke-on-Trent, close to 100 in Glasgow and almost 150 in Newark.

Apart from this, the firm’s third-party customer service partners would also play a crucial role in creating 600 jobs in Newcastle, 100 in Cardiff and around 200 posts in the west of Scotland.

However, this announcement has been made public few days after hundreds of job slashes at Vodafone’s Newbury HQ.

Presently, the company is determined to enhance the quality of its UK-based customer services operations which are allegedly a part of the £2bn investment programme fixed for network and services over the period of 2016-19.

According to Vodafone UK chief executive Nick Jeffery, these additional skilled roles “will make a real difference” to the customer population present in the UK. He also added, this move would also cause a real difference to the different communities which are the focus of the company’s “customer service investment.”

Currently, Vodafone has close to 12,500 staff members in the UK. Around 3,700 workers are present in its UK customer care operation, with a figure of 2,450 staff operating in-house, while 1,250 are connected with other partners.

Vodafone UK has claimed that its 4G coverage has been utilized by 97 percent of the UK population.

Karen Bradley, secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport said, “Vodafone is one of our country's great international success stories”. She also added, it is a fantastic step that such a famous global organization is representing “its confidence in the UK” by producing new jobs in the Midlands, the North along with Scotland as well as Wales.