UK rail network assures 6,400 extra train services

Market - Mohit Shah - Mar 20,2017

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uk rail network assures 6400 extra train services

According to industry figures, the recent investments in the UK rail network would result in 6,400 additional train services which will be active every week by 2021.

The Rail Delivery Group (RDG) stated, close to £50bn was being expended on the network, and this would lead to an 11% hike in the number of weekday train services under the UK rail network.

According to the study by RDG, the rail companies were already operating more than 1,350 additional trains each week in comparison to the figures noted four years ago.  

The RDG is the body which represents Network Rail, which administers the infrastructure as well as the train operators.

As per the group's latest projections, there would be a significant increase in train frequency for London commuters along with high-speed England to Scotland routes by year 2021.

Moreover, the RDG promised, there would be additional improvements covering the Midlands, Kent, north-west England, the West Country and Wales.

RDG chief executive Paul Plummer stated, due to the increase in passenger demand there had been a "capacity crunch" since years.

He added, "That's why we're delivering billions of pounds of improvements”. Mr. Plummer believes that it will break blockages and join technology so that more trains can operate to more destinations.

As per last year’s statistics by the Office of Rail and Road, 12.3% of trains were unsuccessful to reach their destinations on time. This was notably the worst performance ever since the year ending September 2006, when the figure were recorded at 12.5%.

Lianna Etkind, of the Campaign for Better Transport, greeted the promise made by RDG which focuses on increasing the count of trains. She said, it would "ease the overcrowding” which is a big misery for a large share of many commuters.