UK Government suffers another Brexit bill defeat

World - Mohit Shah - Mar 08,2017

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uk government suffers another brexit bill defeat

The British government suffers a second defeat on its Brexit bill as the House of Lords commanded a “meaningful” parliamentary vote on the final terms of the withdrawal.

The government has been hurt by a second Brexit bill defeat in the House of Lords, since voting was 366 to 268, majority of 98 at the end of a three-hour debate.

Moreover, a “meaningful” parliamentary vote has been demanded by the House of Lords regarding the final terms of Brexit.

Ministers are already on a downhill path after a substantial defeat over the rights of EU nationals residing in the UK post-Brexit. After this fresh blow, they would be looking forward to overturn the decision when the bill returns to the Commons.

Meanwhile, it is a double disappointment for Prime Minister Theresa May, which could further disrupt her timetable to initiate talks regarding the exit from the European Union later this month.

Now, separate votes in the Commons and the Lords would be required for placing the closing terms of the UK's withdrawal from the EU.

One of 13 Tory peers who rebelled, Lord Heseltine, informed that he has been dismissed as a government adviser on regional growth.

He said, "This is entirely the right of the prime minister”, regarding the decision of his sacking.

It is quite interesting to know that, 12 other Tory peers along with Lord Heseltine defied the government and voted in favor for the amendment. This included former ministers Viscount Hailsham and Lord Deben.

A further reconsideration by the MPs will take place once the issue returns to the Commons. However, calls for the inclusion of the "meaningful vote" clause in the legislation have already been rejected. It has been said that verbal guarantees by the government are sufficient.

The activation of Article 50 by the end of March seems clouded as the Commons is doubtful to ponder over the changes made by the House of Lords.