UK government defeated over Brexit bill as House of Lords favor amendment

World - Mohit Shah - Mar 02,2017

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uk government defeated over brexit bill as house of lords favor amendment

The House of Lords voted in favor for the amendment which focused on the protection of EU nationals in the United Kingdom.

The House of Lords favored the amendment which resulted in a great shocker as the voting count was concluded at 358 to 256. This led to the first Parliamentary defeat for the UK government's Brexit bill.

The main element during the session was the addition of Conservative rebels with the Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the cross-bench peers for backing up Labour amendment to the bill which targeted ministers to present how they would protect EU citizens before Article 50 gets initiated under three months.

The government lead by Theresa May said it only wishes to guarantee the rights of EU nationals on if the other 27 EU countries approve to a mutual arrangement for British people living abroad.

The result is an impactful blow to the government; however, it is expected that the nobles will back down at the second time of probing if MPs reverse the amendment as it returns to the House of Commons on March 13.

The most important result of the vote is that it delays the procedure through which Theresa May is capable of triggering the Brexit operations.

The amendment supported by the Lords involve the government to present proposals under three months of Article 50 for ensuring that EU citizens in the UK would be granted the same residence rights once the Brexit is formally executed.

The Department for Exiting the EU commented, "We are disappointed the Lords have chosen to amend a bill that the Commons passed without amendment”.

The UK government placed its stand and said its position was "repeatedly been made clear". It also stressed that efforts are moving further to guarantee the rights of EU citizens as early as possible.