Uber to hire a new COO, as criticism increases

Company - Vinay Mishra - Mar 08,2017

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uber to hire a new coo as criticism increases

Uber to hire No. 2 in command, amid allegations of sexual harassment and immoral organizational culture, intense public backlash and disgraceful leadership behavior.

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick formally announced that they are actively looking for a new Chief Operating Officer (COO). This COO will be second in command after CEO Travis Kalanick and would work to regain the lost reputation of the company.

Hiring a new COO is an attempt by Uber to answer the critics who have accused the company of immoral organizational culture in the wake of many bad internal news.

Uber was co-founded in 2009, by Travis Kalanick. Earlier, Travis Kalanick also co-founded Red Swoosh, a startup which was later sold for $19 million to Akamai Technologies. Travis Kalanick had turned Uber into the world's most valuable startup by his aggressive work style. Subsequently, if Kalanick hires a new COO then, he would surrender a part of his power to an outsider.

Over the past days, a series of events brought Uber's culture and Kalanick's leadership into serious doubt. Uber is presently conducting an internal investigation in response to a blog post by a former Uber engineer who accused the company of protecting a senior employee who sexually harassed her.

Following Trump’s immigration ban, the New York Taxi Workers Alliance called on its members to avoid J. F K. International Airport for one hour as a protest. Uber was perceived as breaking up this protest of taxi drivers and a social boycott ‘#DeleteUber’ went viral.

Kalanick also joined Trump's business advisory council, only to drop out later.

Recently a video surfaced online in which Kalanick can be seen arguing with an Uber driver, he later apologized.

Uber is not alone many other startups in the US, particularly in silicon valley, have seen many young founders with a little previous leadership experience struggle with the company and then hire a new and experienced executive. In 2008, Facebook hired Sheryl Sandberg as its COO.