Uber President resigns amid turmoil; plans to quit office in 6 months

Company - Vinay Mishra - Mar 20,2017

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uber president resigns amid turmoil plans to quit office in 6 months

Among a series of high-profile resignations and controversies in the firm, Uber president Jeff Jones steps down after just six months on the company post.

The president of Uber, Jeff Jones, has announced to quit the company in less than a year. This move by the current No. 2 executive is directly associated to the multiple controversies in the company including sordid charges of sexism and sexual harassment.

Jones is currently working as the president in-charge of Uber's operations, marketing, and customer support across the globe.

Jones joined the company in last August from Target, where he was serving as the CMO. Uber’s CEO, Travis Kalanick, was excited about what he would bring to the company. Kalanick and Jones met a year ago in Vancouver at the TED conference.

President Jeff Jones had unseated Uber's first CEO and board member Ryan Graves. Ryan Graves was the company’s CEO till 2010, when he relinquished his role to Kalanick. Now, working as a president, Graves heads UberEverything; Uber’s delivery services. This change was undertaken as a necessary move to support the company’s growth.

It was likely that Kalanick will bring in a new executive who would outrank Jones. Instead, Jones chose to quit the company as the situation at the company was more challenging than he anticipated.

In the recent past, Jones had a tough time in Uber, including a terrible Q&A with drivers that attracted a lot of anger towards the company.

Currently, it is still not clear who will take up Jones' responsibilities in the company.

Uber's VP of product and growth, Ed Baker also resigned under mysterious conditions. Amit Singhal was asked to resign from his position of SVP of engineering by CEO Travis Kalanick after it was revealed that he didn't inform Uber about previous allegations of sexual harassment.