Twitter introduces more anti-abuse tools on its platform

Technology - Mohit Shah - Mar 02,2017

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twitter introduces more anti abuse tools on its platform

Social media platform, Twitter, announces new measures with an aim to cut down the amount of abuse on its service.

The company announced that it will instrument new tools which would work to report abusive tweets. It further added this technology will also help in curbing the creation of new abusive accounts as well as in crumbling low-quality tweets.

Ed Ho, Twitter's vice-president of engineering said in a blog post that since the anti-abuse tools are new, mistakes might happen, but the firm is “actively working to improve” them on a regular basis.

These latest platform updates are part of the series of changes Twitter has successfully implemented in the recent months. 

The social media giant is also offering its users with an option to filter the notifications which they receive when any other user mentions them in a comment. As an example, account holders will be able to filter out those accounts which do not possess a profile photo, unverified phone numbers or email addresses. Such a step would prove effective in screening out fake accounts.

Looking at the present scenario, there has been rising pressure on various social media firms to restrict the development of fake news, extremist propaganda and harassment on their platforms.

Mr. Ho further added, the company is working to spot accounts which are “engaging in abusive behavior”. He also said, the company is taking precise action by “limiting certain account functionality” for a specific amount of time and would be allowing only their group of followers to view their tweets.

Nick Thomas, an analyst at research firm Ovum, commented: "Given that cleaning up Twitter is imperative if it is to attract more advertisers to the site”.

He also said, there is pressure on Twitter not just to act, “but to be seen to act”.