Tesla CEO Elon Musk offers to solve Australian energy crisis within 100 days

Energy - Vinay Mishra - Mar 10,2017

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tesla ceo elon musk offers to solve australian energy crisis within 100 days

Thanks to the increased production from Tesla’s new Gigafactory in Nevada, Elon Musk claims to install 100-300 megawatt hours of battery storages within 100 days or else free.

This offer is after a wave of power cuts including a blackout in the state of South Australia. This energy shortage crippled industries for up to two weeks and fuelled fears of more cuts and blackouts in the coming days across the region due to tight electric supplies.

The energy crisis is due to storms in the South Australian region. It has caused serious damage to infrastructure that has caused power cuts and price spikes. The local energy companies are struggling to meet the energy demand.

Elon Musk is able to make such a claim due to the increased production from its new Gigafactory in Nevada. Elon Reeve Musk is a South African-born American-Canadian businessman, investor and inventor. He is co-founder and CEO of Tesla inc., founder, CEO, and CTO of SpaceX, co-founder and chairman of SolarCity, co-chairman of OpenAI, co-founder of Zip2 and founder of X.com.

SolarCity was an energy company that merged with Tesla. SolarCity makes solar solutions for regions that can store energy during the daytime and feed the storage to the area's grid. To stop power shortages and blackouts, the company has offered to install storage system costing around $250 per kWh for 100MWh-plus systems with additional charges including shipping, tariffs and installation that vary from country to country.

Mr. Reve also said Tesla had recently won a similar challenge in Southern California after a methane leakage at a gas plant. Where they installed an 80MWh battery pack at a substation.

Sarah Young, a senator from South Australia has reached out to Elon Musk requesting him for a talk.