Rolls-Royce Uses 1000 Diamonds to Paint its Ghost Elegance

Automotive - Pavan Pandey - Mar 11,2017

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rolls royce uses 1000 diamonds to paint its ghost elegance

During 2017 Geneva Auto Show, the British car manufacturer, Rolls-Royce Limited, presented its new model, the Elegance.

The Rolls-Royce’s Ghost ‘Elegance’ make its debut at Geneva Auto Show 2017 and the title of this luxury car is perfectly suiting to its look and design.

According to the company the diamonds, which used to paint the car and gives a unique sparkle, are ethically sourced diamonds.

The most interesting part of this car is the upper part of the car which painted with a dark gray color and the lower part painted with lighter gray color. The effect of painting looks like simply dark and light gray in shadow. But when the car comes into light then it shimmers with tiny sparkles.

The company did not share the cost of this lucrative paint job, but it is fixed that this will be most expensive painting job ever known in the automobile industry.

Rolls-Royce uses dust of diamonds into the paint and it also additionally developed a new and unique paint process along with the application of an extra final layer of lacquer to guard the very small particles of diamonds during the process of hard polishing.

According to the Rolls-Royce, Technical Laboratories of car manufacturer spent nearly two months working on this new diamond paint. The experts of laboratories find the specific way to put the diamond dust into the paint that can offer the smoothness of car surface. 

The paint team of company carefully examined some unique properties of diamonds just like light transmission and reflection properties, which increase the sparkles of diamonds.

Talking about some other features of Elegance, Rolls-Royce outfitted the chauffer’s seat with black leather and the black color is also used in the lustrous carpet and foot-mats. 

The UK-based automobile manufacturer further added that the sparkles of this car won’t requires any special care to maintain it.