Apple found guilty of fixing prices of several iPhone models in Russia

Company - Mohit Shah - Mar 16,2017

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apple found guilty of fixing prices of several iphone models in russia

Russia's antitrust regulator said that Apple has been found guilty in fixing prices of certain iPhone models retailed in the country.

According to Federal Anti-Monopoly Service (Fas), Apple's local subsidiary informed 16 retailers to sustain the recommended prices of phones belonging to iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 segments.

Moreover, if the sellers wished to grant discount on an iPhone, the tech giant would email them and ask for the move to be reversed. If a particular seller failed to do so, it might lead to their contract being terminated.

As per Russia's antimonopoly regulator, Apple after being found guilty of fixing prices, did cooperate with the investigation and has put a full stop to its price fixing practices. The authority also said that it has set up an antitrust compliance as well as training protocols so as to prevent similar actions practiced by the company in the future.

The deputy head of the FAS, Andrey Tsarikovsky said, “Apple actively co-operated" in context to the investigation. He also confirmed that the company has "adopted the necessary measures” to eradicate violations of the law.

In Russia, this is the second prominent case against a renowned smartphone company. Google was fined last year for banning phone manufacturers from placing contending search engines on the home screens of their devices'. The company had to stop that practice, opening the mode for competitors to advance.

For this practice, Google was fined with £5m ($6m).

Also, in November, an investigation was opened by the regulator to check whether Microsoft abused its place in the security market in context to Windows 10. This inquiry was held following a complaint from the popular anti-virus firm Kaspersky.