1,100 jobs to go at Ford’s Bridgend engine plant by 2021

Company - Mohit Shah - Mar 01,2017

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1100 jobs to go at fords bridgend engine plant by 2021

Claims by the Unite union states that close to 1,160 jobs will go at Ford’s Bridgend engine plant; mass meetings expected to take place at the plant.

The Unite union’s concerns have created a situation of panic. Officials for the First Minister tagged this news as “deeply concerning".

A spokesman said, “We are actively seeking urgent assurances from Ford”, targeting the authorities based both in the UK and US. He also added, the officials are speaking to the workforce via the trade unions and trying to offer them all the required assistance.

Ford responded to Unite's concerns and said, "the anticipated production volume of engines from Bridgend remains healthy in the upcoming years”. The company added, the associated labour requirements is expected to remain “similar to today's level”.

Presently, the First Minister of Wales Carwyn Jones is on a trade mission in the United States. The Unite union has called on Ford chiefs to yield a five-year plan in regard to the Bridgend factory.

It was further revealed, the meetings among workers held on Wednesday pointed out that the staff was “one step closer” to knock out a powerful action to defend their jobs.

A strong accusation from Unite's Welsh secretary Andy Richards highlighted "weasel words" by Ford bosses on plans concerning the future of the factory.

Currently, the Bridgend engine plant produces 250,000 engines a year specifically for Jaguar Land Rover along with 500,000 of Ford's own Sigma engines; however, it is due to halt the production of both in 2018.

Around months ago, the automaker announced Dragon production would be decreased to 125,000 engines a year. There was a further announcement of trimming investment from £181m to £100m.

Looking at this condition, the Welsh Government assured £15m state aid for the 500 jobs which might be affected to this announcement.