Verizon will reintroduce an Unlimited Data Plan as Competition Heats Up

Company - Pavan Pandey - Feb 13,2017

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verizon will reintroduce an unlimited data plan as competition heats up

Wireless communication service provider Verizon Communications Inc.’s introductory plan will give unlimited data to customers on its 4G LTE network on smartphones and tablets.

On Monday, the largest wireless service provider company of United States, Verizon Communications Inc., would introduce an unlimited data plan, its first in more than five years, in the company’s latest effort to attract customers as competition hikes between network carriers.

Verizon’s latest announcement comes days after rival Sprint Corp. announced a new unlimited data plan of its own.

The unlimited data plan option appears to be a change in direction for Verizon after one of the corporation's top directors stated last month it was not looking at unlimited products when asked by specialists whether Verizon wireless desired to be more aggressive in the market.

The chief financial officer of Verizon, Mr. Matthew Ellis, told analysts that the company is constantly looking what is there outside. 

He further added, unlimited data plan is one of the things that some of the prime competitors have at this point in time. 

Mr. Ellis also said, the company continually monitor the market and it will see where it heads in the future.

Verizon wireless will charge $80 for this unlimited data plan per month for a single user, $10 upper than the plan presented by T-Mobile US Inc., which escorted in the industry’s move to unlimited data in 2016. A data plan with four smartphones will charge $180 through Verizon, which promoted the new plans on Sunday night during Grammy Awards and company will begin selling these plan on Monday.

The second largest wireless service provider in the US, AT&T Telecommunication company, still offers bottomless data plan but has raised the price for grandfathered plans, building it increasingly expensive for data junkies. Starting in March, AT&T users using unlimited data plans will pay $40 for a month.