UKIP urges 80% cut in annual spending

Economy - Mohit Shah - Feb 17,2017

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ukip urges 80 percent cut in annual spending

UKIP has requested for an 80% cut in the foreign aid budget along with the money which should be spent wisely on domestic services.

The UK Independence Party stated that a major share of UK's spend, £12.5bn in 2015, resulted unproductive in alleviating poverty.

The party demands spending to be stripped back to emergency and humanitarian aid only as well as a law ensuring 0.7% of national income be spent to be nullified.

It was noted that the UK’s humanitarian spending has surged to more than double since the year 2011.

According to figures, the UK spent £1.26bn on humanitarian aid around the world in 2015 as compared to compared with £422m in 2011. Those contributions include assistance in war zones like Syria and Yemen.

The total money spent accounted 16% of all bilateral aid, which is the money directly spent in different countries, regions as well as projects covered under UK's choice. This figure was quite high as compared to 12% on health, 13% on governance and society, and 12% on economic development.

The UKIP has been a stern critic of UK’s policy, and demands spending to be cut back to £2.5bn a year with major preference to emergency responses and eliminating disease.

The party's foreign aid spokeswoman Lisa Duffy said, a growing body of evidence suggests that additional aid is not the best track towards success for developing countries but more trade is.

She also added that, “For too long, our government has prioritised ineffective aid spending over its basic obligations to British citizens.”

The UK has revised its foreign aid budget since 2010, with higher spending on countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and South Sudan which are tagged as critical on the grounds of regional security and effects of violent Islamic extremism.