Major spills detected at US oil and gas wells on an annual basis

Market - Mohit Shah - Feb 23,2017

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major spills detected at us oil and gas wells on an annual basis

According to a fresh research from US scientists, around 16% hydraulically ruptured oil and gas wells spill thousands of liters of fluid every year.

The research revealed that over a time span of ten years there had been 6,600 releases from the fractured wells in four different states.

The oil-rich North Dakota caused the biggest problems where the share of oil spills was recorded at 67%.

The most prominent spill caused a loss of 100,000 liters of fuel with most part of it involving storing and moving liquids.

It has been noted that, in the past ten years the extraction of oil and gas from different unconventional sources in the United States has posed a serious effect on the production as well as consumption of energy.

 Hydraulic fracturing is one of the prime innovations which has led to this expansion. However, environmental campaigners have been disturbed by the possible impact of this process which contaminates water supplies and also the surroundings.

According to a study by the US Environment Protection Agency focusing on fracking in eight different states, a total of 457 spills occurred between 2006 and 2012.

North Dakota has been a hotbed for US oil and gas wells, which also makes it a prime region with the highest level of spills.

As per recorded data, 4,453 incidents were issued in this region, rating higher than Colorado, Pennsylvania and New Mexico.

Katie Brown from Energy in Depth said, the actual reality is that North Dakota wants that the companies report any spills which are a barrel or more, even though “they never impact the environment”.

She also added that 70% of the total spills in 2013 were successfully curbed on the well pad and never affected the land or water.