Huge Pressure Rises on France’s President Candidate Fillon to Quit the Race

World - Pavan Pandey - Feb 06,2017

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huge pressure rises on france president candidate fillon to quit the race

French presidential candidate Mr. Francois Fillon is fighting for his political future as a fake-jobs-for-the-family scandal rises to replace him.

France also faces a week of political uncertainty with Mr. Francois Fillon. François Fillon’s two closest opponents, the far-right’s Marine Le Pen and Independent Emmanuel Macron, started energetically campaigning; the former prime minister seemed to believe he could ride out the storm engulfing his wavering campaign.

According to the public prosecutor, French police carried out hunts at the Senate in link with the fake job allegations, looking in particular for information concerning payments there to Charles and Marie, two of Fillon’s kids.

He stated that he would fight to the end to defend his political position as the party’s candidate. 

On Saturday, Mr.Fillon’s Camp distributed 3 million leaflets entitled “Stop the Manhunt”, portrait the scandal as a left-wing conspiracy and announcing: “Enough is enough”.

The 62-year-old weekly newspaper of France ‘Le Canard Enchaine’ reported that the wife of Fillon had been paid hundreds of euros as a parliamentary assistant for work she had not really done.

It has been an embarrassing reversal of luck for Francois Fillon, a sincere Catholic and father of five children, who had campaigned as a very honest politician in France.

Since the fake job scandal broke, he and his wife have been questioned by the fraud police, his workplace in parliament has been investigated, and the investigation has now been extended to two of his grown-up children, Charles and Marie.

If Mr. Fillon is forced to quit as the center-right's candidate, it would be unprecedented in six decades of French politics.

Former prime minister Fillon is presently representing the centre-right party. He was seen as a favorite to become France’s next leader but has seen his probabilities sink after this outrage.