China curbs all coal imports from North Korea

World - Mohit Shah - Feb 20,2017

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china curbs all coal imports from north korea

The implementation of the suspension of coal imports from North Korea has been brought into action from 19th February, as stated by the country’s commerce ministry.

This action centered on the suspension of coal imports by China is a huge step which supports the implementation of the United Nations sanctions against North Korea.

The decision was expressed after North Korea's February 11 missile test, as tensions intensify over the isolated state's disobedience of UN resolutions.

The UN Security Council, which also has China as a member, severely criticized North Korea in regard to the missile test. The council tagged the event as a "grave violation" of UN resolutions.

On Saturday, China's commerce ministry mentioned in a statement posted on its website that China "will temporarily stop its imports of coal from North Korea” for the remaining months in the running year.

The ministry, however, did not mention why all shipments would be deferred. But according to Yonhap news agency (South Korea), last week a shipment of North Korean coal worth $1 million was rejected at Wenzhou port located on China's eastern coast.

According to Beijing-based analyst Einar Tangen, China's action would have a substantial impact on North Korea's economy.

Tangen further added that China, which is a neighbor and a long-time main ally of North Korea, has been slowly moving on the path of better ties with South Korea. This is shift was evident after the political opposition in South Korea gained popularity following the impeachment of President Park Geun-hye. 

Since US President Donald Trump came into power, this was the first rocket launch which was described as a challenge to the new American leader, who has sworn to control such actions.

The US secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, met with Chinese counterpart Wang Yi on Friday with a longing “to use all available tools” for suppressing North Korea's disrupting behaviour.