Boeing Co. Plans to Fly New 737 Max-9 Aircraft in April

Company - Pavan Pandey - Feb 15,2017

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boeing co plans to fly new 737 max 9 aircraft in april

On Wednesday, aircraft manufacturer, Boeing Company, unveiled the latest aircraft of its 737 narrow-body aircraft family in its assembly line in Renton, Washington.

According to the US-based aircraft maker statement, this is a further sign Boeing Co. will start delivering the large version of the workhorse aircraft in the next year.

The world’s biggest aircraft manufacturer, Boeing, is making up to five versions of MAX family, while the company also planning to increase production to 57 aircraft a month in 2019, from the 42 aircraft per month at present.

The general manager of 737 MAX program and vice president of Boeing, Mr. Keith Leverkuhn, stated during a media briefing on Monday, the company is anticipating its certification of the airliner within a matter of days-weeks.

Mr. Leverkuhn further stated that the stamp of authorization by the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) would come nearly a year after the 737 MAX-8’s first flight and allow the company to begin delivering the $110 million, 162-seat aircraft in the second quarter.

According to the Boeing Co., delivery of the single-lane 737 MAX Models, which swap the present 737 “NG” introduced in 1997, is vital for the company to smash the financial targets Boeing has promised investors and to offset slowing production of some of its biggest aircraft such as 777 and 747. Airlines want the MAX because it burns much less fuel than present aircraft models.

Mr. Leverkuhn also added that the Max 9 aircraft is the largest of the new 737s family to date. Boeing Co. engineering teams are working on the larger-still Max 10, and are now in the preliminary stage of design. 

The Max 7 is the smallest member of 737 aircraft family, prepared to transport 138 commuters in a two-class configuration.

The first MAX aircraft model in production, acknowledged as the MAX-8 is on track to reach consumers by mid-year.