BA cabin crew to enforce new four-day strike

Company - Mohit Shah - Feb 13,2017

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ba cabin crew to enforce new four day strike

British Airways cabin crew will implement fresh four-day strike from 17 February due to their dispute over pay, said the Unite union.

This announcement has been made one day before the BA staff conclude their most recent strike stroke.

Earlier this year, such actions by the BA cabin crew has resulted in the cancellation of several flights.

The Unite union said BA was paying "poverty" amounts and asked for discussions at the conciliation service, Acas.

The four-day strike involves 2,900 members of Unite, which is in pursuit of higher pay for the members of the alleged "mixed fleet".

Since 2010, all new British Airways cabin crew staff joins the mixed fleet, where despite assurances that pay would be 10% above the market rate, the elementary pay starts at just £12,192 with £3 an hour flying wage.

According to estimates by Unite, on an average the mixed fleet cabin crew earns £16,000 a year, inclusive of allowances.

Currently, BA has disputed these figures and states that annual pay is beyond £21,000 a year.

A pay hike of 2% in the first year, and 2.5% in years two and three, was overruled firmly by Unite members after it was scheduled shortly before Christmas.

The union argued that the surge would have left staff only £20 a month better off after tax.

Unite has also criticized BA for chartering aircraft in order to compensate for striking cabin crew instead of resolving the problem.

Oliver Richardson, Unite national officer said, British Airways must focus on addressing poverty pay in its mixed fleet, instead of “continuing to waste hundreds of thousands of pounds on chartering in aircraft”.

BA formed the mixed fleet of cabin staff in the wake of an unpleasant and long-running dispute over salary and conditions for all cabin staff which ran from 2009 to 2011.