Austria’s Defense Ministry Filed a Lawsuit against Airbus over Eurofighter Fraud

World - Pavan Pandey - Feb 16,2017

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austria defense ministry filed a lawsuit against airbus over eurofighter fraud

The defense ministry of Austria has filed a lawsuit against the Netherlands-based aerospace company, Airbus Group, over a suspected corruption and bribery cases.

Austria accused the airline manufacturer and Eurofighter union in a willful deception and scam, which is related to an order for the Eurofighter jets, a deal of $2.1 billion (2 billion euro) proposed in 2003.

According to the Austrian news agency, APA (Austrian Press Agency), country’s defense ministry recently completed an investigation and found that the European aircraft manufacturer, Airbus Group and the four-county Eurofighter association misled European country, Austria, with fake intent about the acquisition value.

A German-speaking country firstly ordered 18 Eurofighter jets but later reduced the order to 15 jets in 2007. It then arranged a review of the acquisition four years ago following the allegations of bribery.

The Spokesperson of Airbus Group stated that the aerospace company doesn't know any details. It also doesn't know which findings this is based on. He further stated that the company was unable to remark on the stories as the group had recently learned about the envisioned activities through the media houses.

The public prosecutors of Austria and Germany have been examining the case for years and the prosecutors of Munich have stated that they assume to close separate initial actions by the half of 2017. While the defense ministry of Austria was not available for any comment on this matter.

A twin-engine, multirole fighter, Eurofighter jet is manufactured by an association including Britain's aerospace company, BAE Systems and Italian aerospace company, Leonardo SpA and also Airbus Group, which represents the project of two other European countries: Spain and Germany.

According to the Airbus Group, the biggest aerospace group of Europe is fully co-operating with a separate German investigation into the fighter jet auction to Austria, also three other investigations into alleged wrongdoings in security and defense markets, comprising a United Kingdom probe into a $3.3 billion communications arrangement with Saudi Arabia.