Amazon creates 5000 new full-time jobs in the United Kingdom

Company - Mohit Shah - Feb 20,2017

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amazon creates 5000 new full time jobs in the united kingdom

US-tech giant, Amazon, commits to offer fresh 5000 new job posts covering regions such as London and Edinburgh.

This new plan includes the creation of jobs at Amazon’s new head office which is due to open in London later this year. Moreover, job posts at development centres will also bloom where technology covering drone delivery and its Alexa voice assistant is being operated upon.

The recruitment hike will push Amazon's workforce in the United Kingdom to more than 24,000.

Amazon is also planning to launch a new apprentice scheme focusing on hundreds of young people expected to be designated under logistics, engineering and warehousing at fulfillment centres across the nation, with the inclusion of three new locations, namely, Doncaster, Tilbury and Daventry set to open this year.

Moreover, full-time jobs will also be developed at the Edinburgh customer service centre as well as the fashion photography studio in Shoreditch.

This move is part of the expansion which directly highlights the importance of the UK market for Amazon. This region is the second biggest market for the company outside the US.

It is also seen that services which are created in the US are commonly launched in the UK first. One such example is Amazon Fresh, the grocery service which was introduced last summer in several parts of UK.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan welcomed this investment and stated that the capital still retains an enticing factor to be tagged as a global technology hub.

“Amazon’s commitment to London will deliver new jobs and growth for the economy”, said Mr. Khan.

Presently, clothes sales are regarded as one of the most successful segments managed by the company and it has also been informed that Amazon might soon launch its own-brand fashion label.

This speculation has been slightly strengthened by Amazon's establishment of a fashion photography studio in Shoreditch, London.