Accenture Plans to Create 15000 New Jobs in the United States

Company - Pavan Pandey - Feb 20,2017

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accenture plans to create 15000 new jobs in the united states

Accenture, the famous information technology company, stated that it would invest $1.4 billion to train its workers and would open 10 innovation hubs in key US cities.

On Friday, Accenture stated that it would create 15000 highly skilled new employments in the US, as the various information technology firms brace for a more protectionist United States technology visa program under the Republican President Donald Trump.

Accenture presently manages more than 394,000 workforces, of which approximately 140,000 are employed in India.

The IT company which is incorporated in Ireland and offers technologies and operations services is confirming to inaugurate 10 new innovation hubs in major cities in the United States.

Accenture’s augmentation of its global staff will take it to over 65,000 people, an increase of 30 percent, out of which 380,000 are presently based in India. 

The chief executive officer of Accenture for North America, Julie Sweet, said in a statement that in the recent months she has met with consumers across all the key industries the company serve and the requirement for innovation to develop, contest and transform in the digital economy has never been so much better.

The major IT services firms based in India, transfer engineers to the US using H-1B visas to service consumers. However, few rivals claim they are mistreating the visa program to swap United States employments. 

The software services industry based in India is also worried about a bill presented in the United States Congress pursuing to double the salary paid to H-1B visa holders which would vividly enhance the prices for the firms hiring them.

Accenture Plc displayed $8.5 billion in profits in the first quarter, and presently has more than 40 percent of its profits in digital, cloud and security services, making annual progress of over 10 percent.