Sony shuts down video games studio in Cambridge

Company - Mohit Shah - Jan 14,2017

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sony shuts down video games studio in cambridge

Sony closes its 19-year-old studio, Guerrilla Cambridge, which currently employed a staff of 50 people.

The developer's most recent banner was the PlayStation VR release Rigs. Before this, it had worked on LittleBigPlanet, Killzone and MediEvil games.

The Cambridge-based video games studio has been in existence for the past 19 years. A total staff of 50 people was employed there.

"It is regrettable that this decision will lead to compulsory redundancies," said Sony in a statement.

The company further added that this decision should not take away anything from the marvelous games and services which Guerrilla Cambridge has delivered.

This decision follows the termination of Sony's Cheshire-based Evolution Studio last March which was popularly known for its Driveclub game. Also, the closure of Studio Liverpool - which created the Wipeout series - in 2012.  

Piers Harding-Rolls, a video games industry analyst at IHS Technology said, it came as a shock because the Cambridge-based studio was operational since a long time.

Microsoft also shut down its long-established British studio, Lionhead, the maker of the Fable series in 2016.

Richard Wilson, the body's chief executive said, it is very sad to listen to what is happening to Sony Guerrilla Cambridge, however, the actual size of the UK gaming industry is at its all-time high.

The last game launched by Guerrilla Cambridge was- Rigs: Mechanized Combat League -launched three months ago for the PlayStation's virtual reality headset.

Chris Dring, news site said, the move indicates that there's a wider strategy at play, where perhaps Sony is reducing slightly on its internal VR development to offer more opportunity to third-party studios.

Sony confirmed that its Guerrilla Games studio in Amsterdam won’t be affected by the cut.