Samsung Electronics identifies exact faults in Galaxy Note 7

Technology - Mohit Shah - Jan 23,2017

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samsung electronics identifies exact faults in galaxy note 7

Samsung Electronics has finally cited assembly and manufacturing defects which caused its Galaxy Note 7 handsets to blast.

During a press conference in Seoul, Samsung's mobile business chief Dong-jin Koh acknowledged two separate details of battery malfunctions which were to be blamed for few of its handsets catching fire. He also utilized the conference to apologize to customers as well as suppliers.

The Galaxy Note 7 handsets were packed with lithium-ion batteries, which are organized in three layers: a positive electrode, a negative one and a third physical layer that worked as the separator between the first two. It was found out that when the positive and negative electrodes touch, sometimes it can cause short circuits within the battery cells.

According to Koh, for the first set of batteries, the analysis showed the main reason for the incidents was the shift in the negative electrodes. He further added, the incorrect positioning of the negative electrode tip also served as a higher possibility of incidents.

Later, for the second set of batteries supplied by a separate manufacturer, Samsung spotted melted copper on the negative electrode region. Koh commented that welding issues led to the contact between the negative and positive layers, ending in short circuits.

The issues with the Galaxy Note 7 began just days after its official launch in August when reports flooded that handsets caught fire allegedly due to an overheated battery. Later in September, Samsung declared a recall of 2.5 million handsets in 10 markets.

In response, the South Korean technology giant hired 700 engineers to test out 200,000 Note 7 devices and 30,000 batteries and involved external investigators from consulting firm Exponent, independent safety science company UL and German technical services provider TUV Rheinland to study the issue as well.

To this news, the investors responded positively with Samsung shares closing upwards 2.31 percent at 1,903,000 won at the market close on Monday.