Samsung Electric Car Battery Promises to Run 300 Miles on a Single Charge

Technology - Pavan Pandey - Jan 10,2017

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samsung electric car battery promises to run 300 miles on a single charge

South Korean international company Samsung’s subsidiary, SDI Co. Ltd, announced a new battery cell specially designed for use in EV (Electric Vehicles).

The newly designed battery for use in electric vehicles gives improved density to manage a max range of up to 310 (kilometers) miles in just 20 minutes of charging. Samsung SDI Co. Ltd. while promoting the technology stated that this move could be the key to the future of electronic and autonomous vehicles.

On Monday, the battery division of Samsung Group said it can offer a complete driving range of approx. 372 miles (600 kilometers). A 20 minutes charging will provide the battery 80% capacity, permitting for a 500 km range.

According to a press release, Samsung SDI stated that the mentioned time limit in the highway rest zone will be enough for an EV battery to be charged, eliminating the range nervousness of electric vehicle drivers. The company added that the mass production of the EV cell is scheduled for 2021.

Presently, the major pain points for electric vehicles is the availability of charging posts and the frequency of charging. Samsung SDI’s battery technology could, however, change this problem.

By introducing a strong importance on how quickly the EV battery can be replenished rather than simply chasing a vast maximum range, Samsung’s battery division believes it can accelerate the adoption of EVs in the near future by refining user convenience.

Tesla Motors and Panasonic Corporation are presently working together on battery technology at its Gigafactory in Nevada. They have started the production of the 2170 cell to be used in the automakers Powerpack 2 and Powerwall 2 products, as well as Tesla’s Model 3 car. Samsung SDI Co. Ltd. is likely to face solid competition from Tesla Motors and Panasonic Corp. in the battery space.

Last year, Samsung SDI Co. Ltd. launched the construction of an electric car battery factory in Hungary to enlarge its capacity.