Samsung chief emerges as a suspect in South Korea scandal

World - Mohit Shah - Jan 11,2017

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samsung chief emerges as a suspect in south korea scandal

Lee Jae-yong, Samsung Vice Chairman, would be soon interviewed as a suspect in relation to the corruption scandal in South Korea.

 The prime accusation on the firm is based on the offering of hefty donations to non-profitable foundations managed by Choi Soon-sil, advisor to President Park Geun-hye.

It is believed that the donations were made in order to acquire the political support of a questionable merger.

Currently, Mr. Lee is the vice-president of Samsung Electronics. However, after 2014 when his father, Lee Kun-hee, suffered a heart attack, he is regarded as the boss of the entire Samsung Group.

Mr. Lee would be facing special prosecutors probably on Thursday, as per officials.

On 9th December, politicians voted to impeach President Park based on her active involvement in the South Korea scandal. At present, the constitutional court has six months to confirm or overturn the decision. Until that time, Park formally remains president but deprived of her powers, which are eventually handed to the prime minister.

Prosecutors plead that Samsung gave €2.8m euros ($3.1m; £2.5m) to a firm co-owned by Ms. Choi and her daughter. In exchange, Ms. Park’s support was offered for the merger deal between Samsung’s construction arm and Cheil Industries.

Samsung chief has already provided evidence to politicians concerned with the scandal, but this will be the first time Mr. Lee will be questioned as a suspect by investigators.

Two other Samsung executives were interviewed earlier this week by the special prosecutors; however, they were treated as witnesses apart from being suspects.

On the other hand, Ms. Park denies any wrongdoing but has apologized several times for the faulty management of her relationship with Ms. Choi.