Paris plans for a 300 million euro renovation of Eiffel Tower

World - Himanshu Gill - Jan 17,2017

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paris plans for a 300 million euro renovation of eiffel tower

Paris city authorities have announced plans of spending 300 million euros to renovate the Eiffel Tower, which would take place over a course of next 15 years.

Over 7 million visitors come to see the Eiffel Tower and this renovation is expected to preserve its attraction for decades to come. The structure will be modernized to improve security, better elevators and lightings, reduce long queues to enter and protect visitors waiting in the rain and snow.

The city’s mayor office also said that this refurbishment will strengthen the French capital’s chances of winning the bid for 2024 Olympics. The quality of tourist offerings may help Paris beat Los Angeles and Budapest for the 2024 games as the International Olympic Committee is set to vote this September.

The 128 year old structure was completed in 1889 to mark the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution. At that time, it was meant to be temporary, but authorities then decided to keep it up for radio transmissions and never dismantled it as it became a symbol for the historic city and country.

At present, the city spends 13.7 million euros every year to maintain the tower. Jean-Francois Martins, deputy mayor of Paris, is the person responsible for Paris’s tourism. He said that half of the money would be spent for renovating the tower, including elevators and thousands of lights that illuminate the tower every evening will also be modernized.

In the wake of the recent terror attacks in Paris, a considerable amount of the money will also go for the tower’s security. The plans are to finish all the most important works before 2024.

Eiffel Tower is painted every seven years, a compact process that takes 20 months to get completed and over 66 tons of paint. The project is now subject to approval from the Paris Council where it will be presented at the end of January.