Lyft plans to expand overseas posing competition for Uber outside the US

Company - Mohit Shah - Jan 14,2017

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lyft plans to expand overseas posing competition for uber outside the us

Lyft, currently, the number two ride-hailing company in the US is improving in terms of growth as compared to its giant competitor Uber.

The current battle in the ride-sharing business in the United States includes the blooming company, Lyft, and the already established leader, Uber.

Lyft has been successful in showing growth and cutting losses faster in comparison to Uber. This year, the startup will also provide details regarding its plans to expand overseas.

 According to a source, Lyft is working to broaden internationally and will unveil more plans in the year ahead. However, the company declined to comment on its international plans.

Presently, Lyft competes with Uber's global aspirations through the tie-up with local ride-hailing services in different countries. In December 2015, Lyft joined forces with Didi Chuxing in China, GrabTaxi in Southeast Asia and Ola in India. The company has since then acquired the name "anti-Uber alliance."

On Saturday, Lyft announced that it is transforming the nature of its partnerships with other services.

At present, Didi users in the United States are allowed to book a Lyft car directly through the Didi app, without any requirement to download the Lyft app.

The company is trying to build a medium along with its international partners so that it can serve the users traveling abroad.

“We will now direct them to download the partner's app in the country they are visiting,” was told by Lyft to a news channel.

It means that Didi or Ola users who would open their apps in the United States will be served with a message indicating them to download Lyft, and vice versa for Lyft users that open their apps in India or China. The update is expected to take place next week.