London mayor welcomes EU citizens despite Brexit fears

World - Mohit Shah - Jan 02,2017

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london mayor welcomes eu citizens despite brexit fears

London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, stated in an interview that European citizens are welcomed in the city and this decision is tough to be changed. 

Sadiq Khan, London’s mayor stated that an estimated count of one million Londoners are citizens from other E.U. countries who “contribute to London's success” by working in the health service, construction, social service, banking, finance and other sectors.

"They make a huge contribution to our city. That's not going to change," said Khan.

After the scares of last June when U.K. voters decided to leave the EU, the mayor of London looked willing to highlight the capital city would not shut its doors for the EU population.

The year 2017 starts with stern negotiations to exit the European Union—Khan publicized London's advantages, with most of them likely to suffer if Brexit disrupts key economic and financial bonuses enjoyed by the U.K.

One of the prime reasons contributing to the decision of leaving the EU was strongly influenced by the concerns that the U.K. is accepting too many new immigrants. However, a large number of European citizens shifting to the U.K. are mainly skilled workers, which is craved by most London firms.

As per reports, Khan has been meeting firms across London as one of his main concerns is to retain the inflow of talent post-Brexit. Talking about other advantages, Britain hopes to maintain access to Europe's common market, which presently requires the nation to allow border-to-border free movement of European Union citizens.

Critics, however, have pointed out that countries like Norway and Switzerland are not E.U. members, but have successfully handled to thrive economically. But the financial firms based in London are worried that they might lose the authority to trade in euros and across the whole of Europe if they are not dependent on the E.U. laws.