Ford Integrates Amazon's Alexa Personal Assistant for Its Vehicles

Technology - Pavan Pandey - Jan 05,2017

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ford integrates amazons alexa personal assistant for its vehicles

American automaker, Ford Motors Company has teamed up with Amazon to get its Alexa personal assistant into its vehicles; the news was announced by Ford at the CES Show in Las Vegas.

Ford Motor Co. is expanding the use of Amazon’s Alexa personal assistant in its cars to allow drivers to interact with their vehicles.

The drivers can demand anything from a nearby cheeseburger to the current weather forecast. Rival General Motors Co. also plans to launch IBM’s (International Business Machine) Watson artificial intelligence (AI) software in its OnStar system early in 2018 to market these services to drivers in their cars.

Similarly, German automaker company Daimler AG’s Mercedes-Benz will fit up Alphabet Inc.’s Google Assistant, a competing product, to allow car owners interact with their cars from home via Google Home facility.

The expanding alliance between Amazon and Ford was revealed on Wednesday at a press dinner during the CES tech show in Las Vegas. This deal underscores the importance to both the internet commerce and automaker corporation for connecting consumers on the move to a wealthier array of digital facilities.

Executive Director of Ford's Connected Vehicle and Services, Don Butler, stated that the technology represented the deepest combination of any OEM (carmaker) inside an automobile with Alexa. According to Butler, the two corporations are talking about how to take the Alexa partnership further. He further stated that the digital assistant is one device that is progressively prevalent in the industry.

The supplier to Ford, GM and other carmakers, Nuance Communications Inc. offers natural language speech command technology that allows drivers to speak in a conversational way to digital assistants.

Nuance's Senior Director of Marketing Automotive, Fatima Vital, said that over nineteen percent of the 160 million vehicles that have used Nuance's technology in the past 15 years came out only in the past year.