FB Plans to Update Its Platform in Germany to Reduce the Dissemination of Fake News

Technology - Pavan Pandey - Jan 16,2017

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fb plans to update its platform in germany to reduce fake news posts

On Sunday, Facebook cited that it would update firm’s social media platform in Germany within weeks to diminish the diffusion of fake news.

Social media giant, Facebook, is set to present new tools in Germany to help combat the increasing nuisance of false news stories.

Facebook said it would enable German users to flag potentially false news. The news stories will then be passed to third-party fact-checkers and if found to be untrustworthy, will be noticeable in users’ news feeds as controversial.

Facebook has been extensively criticized after some users grumbled that fake news had influenced the 2016 US presidential election. It is the first important expansion of the fake news features since FB declared tests in the United State in December.

The world’s largest social network site said in a German-language statement that, last month the company declared measures to tackle the challenge of fake news on the website. The firm further added, major updates would be put in place in Germany in the coming weeks.

The government officials in Germany have expressed concerns that misinformation on the internet could influence the nation’s parliamentary election this year. The Justice Minister of Germany, Heiko Maas, has also frequently warned about fake news on Facebook and called the company to respect the nation’s defamation laws, which are much stringent than in the United States.

Last week, a social news website, Buzzfeed, found Facebook pages were publishing fake news stories about current German Chancellor, Angela Markel, who is pursuing re-election.

Under the new measures, Facebook users in Germany will be able to select ‘It’s a fake news story’ as an option when reporting another user’s post. Users can mark the post as a false news story, let the other user know they think it is false or block that user.

Facebook will send possibly false stories to Correctiv, a German non-profit organization of investigative journalists, to check its authenticity. If they (Correctiv) find a story to be false, it will be marked as ‘disputed ‘on Facebook and will appear lower in the news feed of the users.