Facebook Live Attack Stream: 4 Arrested in Chicago

Technology - Mohit Shah - Jan 05,2017

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facebook live attack stream 4 arrested in chicago

Four arrests have been made in Chicago, United States after an assault video streamed live on Facebook.

The police examined the whole case and have arrested four people for assaulting a man with special needs. According to the police reports, in the video the assaulters can be heard making demeaning statements against white people including President-elect Donald Trump.

As per police information, the event happened on Tuesday in a flat located on Chicago's West Side. The officers found the victim roving in the streets in a distressed and bewildered state after the attack.

The Chicago police have termed this incident as “sickening” which is rooted to the category of hate crime. In a press conference, Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson commented, it often makes you wonder “what would make individuals treat somebody like that”.

He further added, in his 28 years of service he has seen things which the normal public shouldn’t see in their lifetime, but it still amazes him how one gets to see soared up events that are indeed not bearable.

The aggressors are also using a knife in one section of the video to remove the victim's scalp.

The police speculate that, the unnamed white victim is a known contact of one of the attackers and may have been kidnapped for up to 48 hours preceding the assault.

The duration of the video is 30-minutes in which the attackers can be seen slashing the 18-year-old victim's clothes, shedding cigarette ash on him, kicking his head back using a foot and even etching blood by cutting some of his hair with a knife.

Moreover, the video also involved the laughs of several people in the background when the assault was taking place.

Currently, two men and two women are taken into custody. Out of the four culprits, one of the women had broadcast the assault video live on Facebook.