Audi to use Nvidia Tech as it plans to bring Autonomous cars to Market by 2020

Automotive - Himanshu Gill - Jan 06,2017

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audi to use nvidia tech as it plans to bring autonomous cars to market by 2020

German automaker Audi has revealed that it will use US chipmaker Nvidia’s artificial intelligence (AI) platform for making autonomous cars that it plans to bring on road by 2020.

Nvidia’s CEO, Jen-Hsung Huang made a number of announcements that leverages computing power to apply AI intelligence. Out of those announcements, the strategic partnership between Audi and Nvidia was the most notable.

But the company also announced a partnership with mapping company HERE, truck and commercial vehicles supplier ZF, and automotive supplier Bosch. ZF and Bosch are adopting Nvidia's computing platform to deploy AI in autonomous vehicles.

For the upcoming deal with Audi, Nvidia has promised a new version of its car supercomputer chip, named Xavier. The chip is said to have eight high-end computing cores as well as 512 graphic processors that are efficient of handling all advanced tasks such as recognizing pedestrians walking on or near a road.

Audi and Nvidia have been working together for almost ten years, though in the beginning the focus was on utilizing Nvidia's computer graphic chips in Audi's virtual cockpit and navigation. When the partnership started, Audi grew its car sales from 60,000 to about 210,000 cars within a year and all this was attributed to the addition of new technologies that were provided done by Nvidia.

To showcase their progress, the companies performed a demo drive with an Audi Q7 SUV, claiming that the car learned to drive itself within three days. Audi says it will expand testing of its automated vehicles on public roads in California and other selected states next year.

Audi said that their goal is to start producing vehicles with Level 4 autonomy, a classification by the Society of Automotive Engineers which means the vehicle can handle all aspects of driving in almost all conditions or driving modes.