Apple withdraws New York Times app from Chinese app store

Technology - Mohit Shah - Jan 05,2017

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apple withdraws new york times app from chinese app store

Apple has removed the New York Times from its App Store in China, in response to the request made by Chinese authorities.

The global tech giant, Apple, said they were informed that the New York Times app disobeyed Chinese regulations but the exact mentioning of the rules wasn’t done.

On the other hand, the New York Times said the act was aimed at curbing readers in China to reach an “independent news coverage”.

Over the years, western media has faced several difficulties in making their content accessible in China. Many sources have also been blocked as a prevention measure from the Chinese authorities.

As per the report by the New York Times, Apple eliminated both the English-language and Chinese-language apps from the Chinese App Store on 23 December.

The paper spotted an Apple spokesperson as saying that the company had been informed about the app leading to the violation of local regulations, which meant it had to be removed.

In response, the New York Times said they had a word with Apple in order to reconsider the decision.

In 2012, the paper's website was blocked in China after it published several reports on the private wealth of members of the political aristocracy and related families.

The paper’s spokeswoman Eileen Murphy said, the New York Times of that country offers coverage which is not at all different from the level of journalism done in any other country around the globe.

Apart from the New York Times, apps from some other international media houses can still be accessed, which includes the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, BBC News, ABC News, the Financial Times, Reuters and CNN.

Western websites such as YouTube, Google and Facebook are also blocked in the mainland.