Apple Named as the Most Environment-Friendly Tech Company by Greenpeace

Technology - Pavan Pandey - Jan 11,2017

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apple named as the most environment friendly tech company by greenpeace

According to a new report issued by an environmental organization, Greenpeace, Apple has been deemed as the most environment-friendly tech firm consecutively for the third time in a row.

For the third year in the row, Apple leads the way with an ultimate grade A and a clean energy index score of 83%. Social media giant Facebook and technology company Google also scored ‘A’ grades, with clean energy index scores of 67% and 56 % respectively.

Greenpeace’s clean energy index accounts for how much clean energy the corporations use from renewable resources, as well as other aspects like company willingness to make their energy consumption publicly accessible and their assurance to power their data centers with renewable energy.

A non-governmental organization, Greenpeace, has measured the energy performance of information technology sector since 2009, and its newest released report states that the organization has seen a significant growth in the degree to which the biggest internet corporations prioritize renewables.

Apple’s new headquarters which are presently under construction will run totally on renewable energy, with an estimated 700,000 square feet of solar plates.

According to the released report, the energy footprint of the IT sector is presently estimated to account for 7% of global electricity. But since global internet traffic is estimated to increase threefold by the year 2020 and with it, the zone’s energy footprint – corporation commitments to and ideas for sustainability will become even more important.

Greenpeace report also includes a newcomer to the list of top scorers. Nevada-based telecommunications company, Switch, an active developer of data centers.  Switch was the clear leader in the report’s rankings of colocation and content delivery network corporations, with all A’s and a whopping 100 percent clean energy index.

In its report, Greenpeace stated that the shortage of access to renewables from monopoly functions is a key obstacle toward building a renewably powered internet in this area.