Apple Hikes App Store Prices in UK, India and Turkey by 25 Percent

Technology - Pavan Pandey - Jan 19,2017

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apple hikes app store prices in uk india and turkey by 25 percent

American technology giant, Apple Inc., is increasing prices on its app Store in UK, India and Turkey by nearly 25 percent to reflect the sharp depreciation of the pound.

The change means that an application or in-app purchase that previously priced at 79p will now sell for 99p. The new prices preserve parity between the pound and the dollars, at least for apps on the Mac and iOS app stores.

Apple had previously adjusted the UK costs of its iPads and iPhones in September and then its Mac computers in October by a similar degree.

On Tuesday, the company declared the price augmentations in an e-mail to app developers stating that when foreign exchange (FX) rates or taxation changes, sometimes company need to update prices on the App Store. Apple says the new app store prices will roll out over the following seven days and this is a short opportunity for customers to beat the price enlargement.

Related price rises are likely to hit other Apple stores, including the iBooks Store and iTunes Store for music and video.

The UK isn’t the only nation experiencing price change. India is seeing price rise due to alterations in service taxes, while the price of Turkish App Store is also increasing due to a downgrading of the Turkish currency, Lira.

Since the poll to leave the European Union (EU), the value of the pound has collapsed by 18.5 percent against the USD. Apple has already acted to change other UK prices since the vote - the launch of new Macs with a 20 percent price rise across the line.

An Apple representative stated that the price tiers on the App Store are set globally on the basis of numerous factors, including currency exchange rates, taxes, business practices and the price of doing business. These factors differ from region to region and over time.