Anti-smog tea declared powerless by Chinese medicine expert

Medical - Mohit Shah - Jan 11,2017

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anti smog tea declared powerless by chinese medicine expert

To combat the choking smog in several parts of China, people have started savoring “anti-smog” tea; however, a leading Chinese medicine practitioner has tagged it as ineffective.

Tradition Chinese medicines are gaining popularity in the nation to tackle the harmful effects of pollution. "Anti-smog" teas have become more extensively available in Chinese medicine shops, pharmacies, as well as online sites since smog in China, has aggravated over the last few years.

There are different recipes involved, but the general ones are made using Chinese herbs such as dried roots and flowers.

This latest practice initiated from the Chinese medicinal belief that consuming certain concoctions can charge one’s health and unload impurities from the body.

Taobao, one of the popular online marketplace, "anti-smog" teas can be purchased for 20 yuan (£2.20, $2.90) per packet. Moreover, one of the listing claims that the combination of seven ingredients such as honeysuckle and dried chrysanthemums can "boost lungs" and combat the smog.

But this belief was termed as a myth in a recent report that covered Liu Quanqing, president of the Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He targeted such   teas by calling them as "unreliable"

Mr. Liu further noted that, that the digestive and respiratory systems are totally separate and such teas possessed ingredients which may lead to health issues if consumed for a longer period of time. He suggested that, people must try to maintain a healthy diet and work to boost the immune system.

The heavy pollution has developed as an annual occurrence during winter, disturbing the north and eastern parts of China in particular.

This year's smog has caused school closures and warnings for the dwellers to stay indoors.