Amazon to create 100,000 jobs in the next 18 months in the US

Company - Himanshu Gill - Jan 13,2017

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amazon to create 100000 jobs in the next 18 months in the us

E-commerce giant Amazon has announced to create 100,000 full-time jobs in the United States with full benefits over the next 18 months.

This would be a 55 percent boost in the world’s largest online retailer’s US workforce, taking it over 280,000. The jobs would vary from warehouse workers to software developers.

Amazon is spending very heavily to build new warehouses so that it can stock goods closer to customers and fulfill their orders quickly and cheaply. The new hires, mostly in New Jersey, Florida, Texas and California, will serve to fulfill the company's promise of two-day shipping to the members of ‘Amazon Prime shopping club’, which has given it an edge over rivals.

At least 16 new US fulfillment centers are in the works for this and the next year, where new employees will also work in areas such as cloud technology, machine learning and advanced logistics.

At Amazon, the average pay for warehouse and storage labor jobs was a little less than $14 per hour in 2015, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics data. Amazon said that it pays its warehouse workers more than the standard minimum wage, and on average 30 percent more than at traditional retail jobs.

The Seattle-based company, with this hiring initiative, is now on track to mark one of the USA’s biggest-ever hiring initiative, on a scale with General Motors Co.’s job creation during the Second World War. However, it is still far behind its major retail competitor Walmart, which currently employs over 1.5 million people across the US.

As consumers are increasingly moving away from in-store to online shopping, traditional store retailers like Sears Holdings Corp. and Macy’s Inc. are being forced to shed thousands of jobs and permanently shut down stores. Last week, Macy’s announced that it would eliminate 10,000 positions, whereas the Limited said this week that it would close all of its 250 stores, eliminating around 4,000 jobs.