Thousands of workers intent to strike during Christmas week

World - Mohit Shah - Dec 19,2016

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thousands of workers intent to strike during christmas week

A heavy wave is about to hit the U.K. this week as workers from rail companies, postal services and airlines have planned on series of strikes.

It is estimated that, the staff working at hundreds of Crown post offices would be walking out on Monday, Tuesday and Saturday. The authorities confirmed that less than 300 branches would be distressed without hampering the operations.

The rail strike at Southern Railways is still active with the conductors initiating two more days of action.

The situation is furthered worsened as British Airways cabin crew has also declared a strike for which talks would be held on Monday.

Workers at the larger branches of Crown post offices are revolting against pension changes, closures as well as job security. It is expected that on Wednesday and Thursday, workers who supply cash to numerous sub-post offices would be joining the protests.

There are faded threats that the condition can escalate if the workers from Royal Mail take part in the action.

A Royal Mail spokesman said that there will be little or no impact on the services of Royal Mail due to the CWU strike at the Post Office. He further added, deliveries will be made as normal and the last posting dates for Christmas will stay unchanged.

Meanwhile, the Southern rail guards will restrict their services on Monday and Tuesday, which will increase the misery for the 300,000 passengers.

The cabin crew staff of British airways which belongs to the Unite union have announced a strike on Christmas Day and Boxing Day over payment issues. In addition, the Unite members working under Swissport as baggage handlers along with other ground staff at 18 different airports in the U.K. might walk out on Friday and Saturday. Although, talks are stated to be held at Acas on Tuesday.