Singapore telecoms to adopt GSMA’s Mobile Connect authentication

Company - Pavan Pandey - Dec 01,2016

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singapore telecoms to adopt gsma mobile connect authentication

Singaporean telecoms, M1, Singtel and StarHub are creating a unified system that allows mobile phone consumers to log into a variety of online facilities by registering their mobile phone just one time.

Mobile phone consumers in Singapore will shortly be able to enjoy fast and secure access to various online services through only their cell phone number. The three big telecoms, namely, M1, Singtel and StarHub will adopt GSMA’s Mobile Connect authentication standard API (application programming interface).

The three telecom companies said in a joint statement that, a new and fresh identity authentication platform, called mobile connect, will be launched by the second half of next year. Telecoms also highlighted that, they will be working to appeal several more sites which can allow signing onto this new platform, that would indeed lead to improved consumer suitability.

The first collection of online services supported by the Mobile Connect will be publicized in the last half of 2017 and is stated to possibly include banking, government, travel services, entertainment, e-commerce, telecommunications and various other apps.

“We are keen to engage with all parties, including government agencies, so consumers can enjoy a wide selection of Mobile Connect-enabled services. As a first step, we are targeting online service providers with whom we have an existing relationship”, was announced by the three big telecom companies of Singapore.

A spokesman for the three telecoms commented on the platform’s security by revealing that GSMA’s Mobile Connect has numerous levels of assurance (LoA). Online service providers can easily implement a LoA depending on the nature of their online services and security needs. A financial service provider can implement the highest LoA which would need users to input a Mobile Connect pin for secure transactions.

Mobile Connect is developed by GSM Association (GSMA. GSMA represents the interest of around 800 plus mobile providers worldwide. The firm had launched Mobile Connect authentication last year and as of 2016 February, it is working with 34 operators in 21 countries including China, France, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Switzerland.