Pilot informed Colombia controllers about empty fuel tank

World - Mohit Shah - Dec 02,2016

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pilot informed colombia controllers about empty fuel tank

The pilot of the damned charter plane which crashed in Colombia had contacted the air traffic controllers about running out of fuel.

Two days after the Colombia plane crash, a leaked recording has been acquired which reveals that the pilot of the charter had pleaded the air traffic controllers for an emergency landing due to fuel shortage.

The aircraft later crashed into the Andes killing 71 people including members of the Brazilian football team, Chapecoense.

The leaked recording possesses a chaotic exchange of words between the pilot of British-made Avro RJ85 and a female controller. The pilot requested a landing permission due to ‘fuel problems’, but the female controller informed him about another plane which was already advancing towards the runaway after facing mechanical problems. She asked the pilot to wait for at least seven minutes.

The charter circled in a stable mode, but later the pilot quoted in a desperate tone “Complete electrical failure, without fuel," after which the plane slammed near the mountainside outside Medellin city.

Bolivian flight attendant, Ximena Sanchez, who has survived the crash told rescuers that the plane ran out of fuel minutes before the crash.

Lesser impact of an explosion also strengthens the theory that, an empty fuel tank might be a considerable cause for the mishap. Alfredo Bocanegra, head of Colombia’s aviation agency said, if this particular cause is confirmed by the investigators then it would be very painful as it is associated with negligence.  

A full investigation has started which would cover several aspects including the aircraft's flight and maintenance records along with instruments data preserved in the black boxes that were recovered from the crash site. Investigators aren’t taking the fuel factor lightly and would be speaking to Juan Sebastian Upegui, the co-pilot of the commercial flight who was also in contact with air traffic controllers during Avro RJ85 pilot’s nervous conversation.