Oakland fire: 33 people dead; major sections yet to be searched

World - Mohit Shah - Dec 05,2016

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oakland fire 33 people dead major sections yet to be searched

Warehouse fire in Oakland, California, led to the death of 33 people who had gathered for a party.

It was supposed to be a fun-filled event, which ended up into a devastating blunder at one of the warehouses in Oakland, California. The old warehouse termed as the ‘Ghost Ship’ was the venue for a concert by Golden Donna, an electronic group. Fire blazed all around the structure killing 33 people including teenagers.

Till now, only 20% of the building has been searched. According to officials, ‘a significant number’ of people are reported missing; this has made the scenario more horrific as the death toll is expected to rise.

The actual cause of the flames hasn’t been identified as the fire fighters are occupied getting rid of the debris. The warehouse consisted of improvised studios which were packed with furniture and other objects that acted as an obstruction while putting out the flames.

The recovery search would be tough as firefighters are working to remove the rubble "literally bucket by bucket,” said Oakland battalion Fire Chief, Melinda Drayton. She has spent 19 years with the department and has tagged this mishap as the most deadly fires in Oakland’s history. The Oakland Hills fire in 1991 had killed a total of 25 people, but this event has turned out to be more savage.

Alameda County Sheriff's Office spokesman Sgt. Ray Kelly said, it could take weeks in the process to identify the victims using DNA and dental records. Kelly’s son was among the victims who have been confirmed dead in this sorrowful incident.

The officials have requested the victims' families to gather potential DNA samples from the personal belongings of their loved ones' such as toothbrushes and hairbrushes that will assist in the identification.